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Right from the start

At Tippmann Design Build, we have the experience, skill and knowledge to create state-of-the-art cold storage facilities that will serve you well into the future. A national company recognized for reliability, knowledge and innovation, we bring fresh ideas along with innovative systems and products that add efficiency and cost savings. And, we have the ability to see every project through to completion as smoothly as possible. From seasoned project managers to award-winning designers and refrigeration construction experts, our team delivers at every step. So with Tippmann Design Build, you know it’s right from the start.


A nationally-recognized leader in the cold storage industry, Tippmann Design Build has experience and expertise that other companies just can’t match. Our roots date back to the early 1900s, so you could say it’s in our blood. What’s more, each of our principals are seasoned pros with decades of experience in cold storage facility design and construction, as well as efficient project and operations management. So what does this history lesson mean for you? It’s simple: whatever challenge you’re facing with your project, Tippmann Design/Build can solve it.


At Tippmann Design Build, reaching your end goal is always our first priority. We know our customers love watching our live feeds to current projects under construction. It’s exciting to see a large facility go up, literally right before your eyes. However, there’s a lot of work to do before breaking ground or starting construction. While these services may not be as exciting, they are just as vital to the end goal. So we put everything we have in to making sure your project starts off strong with these specialized pre-construction and planning services.
Every project begins with a thorough communications plan, so you know what to expect. Here’s a look at some of the other specialized services we offer right from the start.
  • Develop a fully designed conceptual model
  • Complete feasibility studies
  • Perform refrigeration evaluations
  • Design preliminary racking and material handling layouts
  • Conduct site and master planning
  • Determine pre-construction pricing
  • Manage scheduling
  • Prepare constructability reviews
  • Outline budgets and financial options
  • Provide financial and economic analysis
  • Conduct first cost life cycle analysis