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The T2 Spacer System is truly revolutionary. With a cool design that maximizes air velocity across and within the pallet, it eliminates partial freezing and substantially decreases freeze time. In fact T2 Spacers have been proven to reduce freeze times by as much as 40%. That’s 40% shorter pallet turn-around or 40% more capacity for your existing facility. And that’s more cold hard cash for your bottom line. Just look at the difference this one simple product can make.


Increased air velocity across
and within the pallet

  • Provides consistent freeze throughout pallet
  • Reduces risk of food spoilage
  • Up to 40% faster freezing
  • Increased energy efficiency

Rigid design eliminates crushing
up to two tons

  • Air gets to all areas of pallet equally
  • Boxes and cases do not crush
  • Reduces purge during tempering
  • Supports deformed and wet boxes
  • Adds longevity

Uniform 1.25” height

  • Fits standard blast freeze racks with full pallet
  • Airflow pattern matches airflow in all blast freezers with models 40 and 48
  • Makes loading and unloading faster and easier

  • Increased surface area design for
    2x the contact area for faster freezing
  • Rigid supports with integrated case
    support system eliminates crushing
  • Spacer ends designed for longevity
    and extra support to ensure air movement
  • Single axis airflow for faster freezing