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60 to zero in nothing flat

Cut your freeze time up to 40% with the revolutionary
T2 Spacer System.™ The ground-breaking design maximizes air velocity across and within the pallet to provide consistent airflow, which eliminates partial freezing and reduces freeze times – by as much as 40%. That means 40% shorter pallet turn-around and 40% more capacity. All that freezing power and crush-proof, too.
Now that’s cool.

Crushing news for the competition

More Efficient.

It’s almost not fair to compare.
Ordinary egg crate style spacers may be the industry standard, but that may quickly change. Just look at how the T2 Spacers stack up against traditional spacers.

Cool Design Features

  • Single axis design directs airflow for faster freezing
  • Unique design increases air velocity across and within pallet
  • Spacer ends provide extra support to ensure consistent air movement
  • Increased surface area provides two times the contact area
  • Rigid supports with integrated case support system to eliminate crushing – up to two tons
  • Airflow pattern matches same airflow in all blast freezers
  • 3 lbs each
  • 150 pieces per pallet
  • Pallet Weight: 490 lbs
  • NMFC Code: 156600-7
  • NMFC Class: 92.5