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Now you can get the same revolutionary freezing power of Ti’s QF+ In-Rack Freezing System in a modular, mobile unit. QFM is the next evolution in QF+. It is designed to work with your existing racking and allows you to increase capacity-FAST! Plus, you can remove the transport QFM between locations.



QFM works with same QF+ patented technology, which cools by sealing the product against the negative air pressure plenum to draw air evenly through product spacers in pallets, rather than simply blasting cold air at them. This maximizes airflow, providing fast, consistent and predictable freezing.

  • QFM freezes product up to 80% faster than conventional blast freezers.
  • QFM is the fastest way to freeze palletized product for the most energy efficient, cost-effective building solution.
  • On average QFM will generate 26X the revenue of a standard pallet position.


  • INCREASE CAPACITY – FAST. Designed to work with existing double deep racking, QFM quickly increases pallet capacity with minimal disruption to your operation.
  • PROFITABLE. On average QFM will generate 26x the revenue of a standard pallet position.
  • MODULAR. Users can install and remove QFM themselves. This allows equipment to be moved to other locations or stored off season.
  • FASTER. Up to 80% faster than conventional blast and up to 40% faster than QF+
  • SMARTER. Occupancy Sensing – QFM starts when a pallet is placed in front of the system; IoT – Data logging, remote control, WiFi, JSON Communication; Adjustable Dwell Time – Change the cycle time remotely through API or web interface
  • SMART PLACEMENT FOR EASY LOADING AND UNLOADING. The QFM System can be installed within pallet racking that is located in the main portion of the freezer for fast and easy loading and unloading. Faster loading means fewer touches and less time required to move each pallet of product, saving both time and money. Plus, you can leave pallets stored in their freezing positions when not in use.
  • CONSISTENT PERFORMANCE FOR INCREASED FOOD SAFETY. With the QFM System, every case on each pallet freezes at the same rate in a predictable, repeatable pattern. Time after time. Food safety experts love predictability. What’s more, because foods freeze faster, QFM results in higher quality frozen food products – something else safety professionals love.
  • TECHNICALLY SOUND ENGINEERING FOR GUARANTEED RESULTS. Designed and engineered to work within the confines of your product characteristics, pallet configuration, refrigeration capacity, in- bound product temperature and required throughput. Ti guarantees the performance of QFM based on these criteria and provides a specific freeze time. So, you can determine the savings right away.
  • DESIGNED TO CUT COSTS. Because it freezes product faster, the QFM System makes a big impact on your bottom line. Faster freezing means shorter turn-over rates, which means you can turn inventory into revenue faster. It also reduces the amount of space devoted to freezing. But that’s not the only way QFM helps cut costs. With QFM, product freezes at a higher temperature, reducing utility costs. Freezing product in a storage racking system results in fewer expensive inventory moves. Finally, the QFM System is less expensive to build per pallet position than a traditional blast freezer and will generate 26x the revenue of a standard pallet position.