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Ti’s long history of innovation is what makes us the company to turn to for the future. We’re experts at taking a fresh look at your current facilities and finding ways to make them more efficient, effective and innovative. Through the use of smarter products and new technologies like these QuickFreeze solutions, we can do more than simply bring your facility up to speed. We will put you well ahead of the pack.

That’s not just simple innovation. That’s Ti Innovation.


QuickFreeze Goes Modular

QFM is the next evolution in QF+ offering the same revolutionary freezing power in a modular and mobile unit.

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QF+ In-Rack System

QuickFreeze™ uses patented technology to pull air through the product for faster, more consistent and predictable freezing.

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T2 Spacer System

Maximize air velocity across and within the pallet to provide consistent airflow eliminating partial freezing and reducing freeze times by as much as 40%.

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Cool Project

Project Wolverine ‘Built By the Best’ – Learn more about one of our recent award winning projects using QuickFreeze™ technology.



A nationally-recognized leader in the cold storage industry, Ti has experience and expertise that other companies just can’t match. Our roots date back to the early 1900’s, so you could say it’s in our blood. What’s more, each of our principals are seasoned pros with decades of experience in cold storage facility design and construction, as well as efficient project and operations management. So what does this history lesson mean for you? It’s simple: whatever challenge you’re facing with your project, Ti can solve it.

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