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Frequently Asked Questions

How does QFM work?

Just as with the QF+, QFM operates on the proven principle that airflow is the most important factor in removing heat from frozen food and other products during the freezing process. By drawing air through each pallet of product, QFM pulls the heat away from the pallet as fast as the product will release it. The result is that QFM can freeze pallets of product more quickly and at higher temperatures compared to traditional blast cells.

How does the QFM system know when to turn on?

The QFM has occupancy sensing and will turn on automatically when a pallet is placed into the system.  Likewise, the system will turn off automatically when a pallet is pulled away from the system.

Will the QFM whut down automatically when a pallet is frozen?

Yes, the QFM has adjustable dwell time and the cycle time can be adjusted remotely through API or web interface.

Will QFM work with my existing racking?

Yes, QFM is designed to work with your existing double deep racking and can be installed in as little as 15 minutes per pallet position

Why is QFM a better, more cost effective option?

Aside from the fact that QFM is mobile and modular, it will freeze product more quickly and at a higher temperature than traditional blast freezing. Obviously, using a higher temperature will reduce your utility costs. Freezing your product in a storage racking system will allow you fewer expensive inventory moves, and freezing it more quickly will reduce the amount of space that you need to devote to freezing and the amount of inventory you have in the freezing process. Lastly, QFM can be shipped direct to you and installed in as little as 15 minutes per pallet position. When you factor in the 50-100% increase in throughput per pallet position, the advantage is obvious.

Will QFM work with different pallet heights?

The QFM system will accommodate variances in pallet heights and is easily and quickly adjustable.

What kind of products work in the QFM system?

If your product will freeze on pallets in a conventional blast freezer, QFM can freeze it more quickly and efficiently. The QFM system has been used and proven with multiple types of meat and protein products, desserts, soups, pharmaceuticals and other liquids. In each case, it has cut the freeze time by more than half from the blast freezing process previously in place.

Is QFM more efficient than traditional blast freezing?

Yes, due to the fact that QFM only runs when you need it to run will allow of significant utility savings. 

Will QFM add value to our operation?

On average, QFM will generate 26x the revenue of a standard pallet position within a warehouse.

How do I know that QFM  will work with my specific product before making a commitment?

If you express an interest in QFM , after some initial qualification we will begin the process by sending one of our demo units to your facility, along with one of our engineers. The demo units mimic the airflow that the QFM System would provide. This allows us to prove the concept in your facility, with your products.

How does the demo unit work? What do I need to provide?

The demo unit is the footprint of one pallet, and roughly the size of a phone booth. All we need to prove the concept is a cold environment, a pallet of product and a 110-volt outlet.

Do I have to use spacers for QFM to be effective?

Not necessarily. The QFM system does require airflow through the pallet, which can be accomplished with spacers, specialized packaging or stacking the pallet in a specific pattern. Our engineers will work with you to determine the most cost-effective approach for your operation.

Will you guarantee a specific time to freeze pallets?

Yes. We will send a test unit to your facility and run a test, based on product characteristics, pallet configuration, refrigeration capacity, ambient temperature and required throughput. We will guarantee the performance of the system, assuming that the above variables do not change and that the system is used per the protocols that are developed during the project.

Will I need to add to my refrigeration infrastructure in order to install QFM? Can you tell me how much?

Because the QFM system can be used at higher temperatures, it is common to find that our customers already have sufficient infrastructure. Our Engineers will review your refrigeration documentation and tell you in advance what, if any, additional equipment is needed. We can also provide and install any additional equipment as part of the QFM project, or we are happy to work with your existing refrigeration equipment partner.

Why will my quality and food safety people love QFM?

Unlike an old-style blast freezer, QFM has no “sweet spots” or “slow spots”. All pallets freeze at the same rate, and every case on the pallet freezes at the same rate, in a predictable, repeatable fashion. Additionally, QFM is not dependent on freezing in batches, like your old blast freezer technology. Quicker freezing results in higher quality frozen food products. So, you can expect much more predictable freezing results, with reduced returns and QC issues.

Do I need to buy QFM by any specific number of pallet positions?

No.  We can design a system for any number of positions. Our Engineers will work with you to determine how many pallet positions you need. It’s often less than a client is expecting because of the quicker turns compared to other blast freezer options.

Can QFM be installed in existing facilities or just new construction?

Either is fine. If you’re building a new facility, our sister company has years of experience designing and building facilities from concept to completion. We can design and build your facility including QFM, which will give you a competitive advantage for years to come.

If I install QFM into my existing facility, how much will my business be interrupted?

QFM  installs in as little as 15 minutes per pallet position into your existing racking.  Each pallet position can be  installed while your operation is running. Interruption in operation in very minimal to non existent.

Do I have to use QFM for freezing? Will the concept work for tempering or cooling?

Drawing air through a pallet is more effective for changing the temperature, period. The QFM concept can be used for tempering or cooling with similar improvements in time and cost.

Does QFM qualify for any government grants, tax credits or “green” initiatives?

Several of our customers QF+ Customers  have submitted their QuickFreeze projects for these programs. We anticipate that it will qualify for several, and will keep our customers and potential customers posted.

Can you help me determine what the financial impact of the QFM system would be on my operation?

Yes, our team can provide the tools to help you evaluate the financial benefits of using QFM versus an old-style blast freezer. Those benefits could include a significant reduction in utility costs, reduced labor, reduced carrying cost and a reduction in QC rejects and returns.

Sounds great, how do I start the process of figuring out if QFM will work for me?

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