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QuickFreeze Goes Modular

Now you can get the same revolutionary freezing power of TI's QF+ In-Rack Freezing System in a modular, mobile unit. QFM is the next evolution in QF+. It is designed to work with your existing racking and allows you to increase capacity-FAST! Plus, you can remove the transport QFM between locations.

QuickFreeze Technology

QFM works with same QF+ patented technology, which cools by pulling air through the product for consistent and predictable freezing.  Plus it freezes product up to 80% faster than conventional blast freezers.  QFM is the fastest way to freeze palletized product for the most energy efficient, cost-effective building solution.  Operational challenges are eliminated. 

On average QFM will generate 26X the revenue of a standard pallet position.

How It Works

As with QF+, airflow is the most important factor in removing heat during the freezing process. This proven principle is the basis for QF+ and QFM. By drawing air through each pallet, heat is pulled away as quickly as the product will release it, providing speed, consistency, and predictability.

  • Maximize Airflow – A dedicated fan and plenum rapidly pulls air through the pallet rather than blasting air at it.
  • Modular – QFM allows you to work with existing racking arrangements, thus making it the most flexible solution to your freezing needs.
  • Mobile – QFM is easy to install, remove and transport, thus allowing you to adjust for seasonal product freezing fluctuations.