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Tippmann Innovation Facilitates Next Generation Food Safety Work Session at the U.S. Capitol

Ti Cold Storage Construction US Capital Building PhotoMelbourne, FL (November 22, 2019): Ti Cold’s lead cold chain consultant, Nick Pacitti, facilitated a work session in Washington D.C. to discuss the next generation of food safety and the technology needed to support it. Former Congressman Bill Sarpalius hosted the session with other members of Congress. Joe Battoe, CEO and Erin Morant, Director of Business Development of Varcode, presented technologies that provide low-cost, digitized solutions to monitor the distribution of temperature sensitive goods. Varcode’s products can track the location and condition of perishable items throughout extended supply chains. This provides a proactive approach to cold chain management in reducing spoilage, costs, delays, and time consuming disputes.

About Ti Cold: Ti Cold is an award-winning specialty, industrial cold storage builder that develops buildings around a business plan, ensuring that an investment becomes a profit center. Ti Cold utilizes time-honed expertise and advanced technology solutions to create efficient buildings that scale with a business, and are designed to maximize profitability through fully integrating operations and supply chain, by design. Ti Cold provides a full suite of cold storage construction services, including master site planning and operations guidance. Ti Cold’s technologies include the Patented QF+ In-Rack freezing and thawing system, coupled with the T2™ spacer that creates the fastest system available. Ti Cold has offices in Indiana, Illinois and Florida.