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Tippmann Innovation Discusses Creative Cold Storage Approaches for Today’s Millennial Market Demands

The Amazon Effect is here to stay.

A broad array of new foods, much of which is perishable, is intended to satisfy the evolving taste of Millennials, the largest generation in the U.S. workforce. The need for making the accessibility of these foods ubiquitous and convenient through more sophisticated and economic approaches is driving new requirements for 3PLs, PRW’s and food shippers in both traditional and ‘digital fulfillment’.

There are well over 175 Amazon fulfillment centers alone. When combined with Amazon Fresh warehouses and hundreds of other ecommerce platforms throughout the U.S., traditional fulfillment models are often not viable in design or economic structure to address today’s needs.

The rapid pace of market change has continued to create unparalleled demand on temperature-controlled space in many markets across North America. Surging demand coupled with the high investment cost of traditional temperature-controlled space places intense pressures in assuring that both the proper market selection and the right facility approaches are in place to achieve required ROIs.

How can we assure the right markets are properly evaluated and selected to integrate the changing shipper and customer requirements? Are there more cost-effective approaches to address the requirements necessary for the urban facilities needed for ecommerce and market-driven quick response?  Nick Pacitti and David Sterling from Ti Cold will address these trends and more as well as available customer-centric and ROI focused solutions needed for today’s market. Join the discussion at the Global Cold Chain Expo in Chicago, Illinois on the show floor form 10:35 a.m. – 11:20 a.m.
Contact Nick Pacitti for more information.