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Ti Cold Partners with Compass Cold to Build Cutting Edge Facility

Compass Cold Storage Rendering

Compass Cold Storage logo

MULBERRY, ARKANSAS (March 7, 2022) Compass Cold, a new cold storage company has announced plans for the construction of a 70,000 square foot cold storage facility developed by Ti Cold headquartered in Melbourne, Florida. Located near Fort Smith in Mulberry, Arkansas, and owned and operated by Compass Cold, the facility’s cutting-edge design will feature the latest refrigeration and freezing technology available in the cold storage industry.

The new facility will have the capacity to support food wholesalers, retailers, and food manufacturing customers in central and northwest Arkansas. Darren Winstead and Doug Bowen, the owners of Compass Cold have been involved in the transportation sector of Arkansas and have deep relationships with food processors, manufacturers, and wholesalers across the country. Known throughout the Southeastern region of the United States, Doug’s Produce is a fast, friendly, and fully functional professional trucking company that is known for putting the happiness of their drivers first.

The advanced cold storage complex will feature a flexible, convertible design that is able to maintain temperatures ranging from 40°F to -20°F. Structural steel pallet racks will accommodate over 8,500 pallet positions. This includes QFM In-Rack Freezing System™, which combines blast freezing technology and pallet racking. QFM freezes pallets up to four times faster than traditional blast freezers with the ability to reduce energy consumption by as much as 50%.

“This is an exciting new opportunity and a natural fit with our existing distribution services,” said Doug Bowen of Compass Cold. “This cold storage warehouse will allow us to better serve the clients who have been with us a long time, while branching out to help future clients.”

The Compass Cold facility will provide frozen and refrigerated food distributors, processors, and importers in the region with public cold storage capacity relief and access to Doug’s Produce temperature controlled less than a truckload shipping programs.

Compass Cold Storage Sign-Ti crew
Left to Right: Logan Stuller, Jeff and Debbie Winstead, Darren Winstead, Candice and Doug Bowen, Rob Adams, Sam Tippmann

“We are excited to develop and deliver this project,” said Rob Adams, Principal of Ti Cold, “to help expand an already very successful trucking and distribution business into a topflight 3PL solution.”

With this new facility Compass Cold will be able to offer their clients third party logistics (3PL). As a 3PL provider the company can store inventory of its clients with the ability to pick, pack and ship the client’s products directly from the facility. By providing warehousing, order processing, and shipping and receiving, Compass Cold gives their clients an option to fulfill orders quickly and efficiently.

“Customers expect quality and speed,” said Darren Winstead of Compass Cold, “and the design by Ti Cold for this facility will give us the ability to meet those demands well into the future.”




ABOUT COMPASS COLD: Headquartered in Mulberry, Arkansas, Compass Cold is the latest venture for Darren Winstead and Doug Bowen, who are well known in the southeastern United States for the quality of their professional trucking company, Doug’s Produce.


ABOUT Ti Cold: Known as an award-winning, specialty industrial cold storage builder with decades of experience in designing and building state-of-the-art facilities across the United States, Ti Cold utilizes time-honed expertise and advanced technology solutions to create efficient buildings that scale with a business and that are designed to maximize profitability through fully integrating operations and supply chain. Ti Cold provides a full suite of cold storage construction services, including master site planning, and operations guidance. Ti Cold’s consulting services help companies navigate the unique challenges associated with a rapidly changing industry. Ti Cold has offices in Florida and Indiana.