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Godshall’s Premium Meat and Turkey Products

Lebanon, Pennsylvania

“When we called Tippmann Engineering, we thought they would simply help us expand our processing abilities. But the solutions and designs they came up with made a major impact on the whole facility and revolutionized our entire operation.”

Mark Godshall

Senior Vice President of Distribution
Godshall’s Premium Meat and Turkey Products

facility size // square ft.

food processing area

project timeline // months

Getting to the Heart of a Project

Godshall’s Premium Meat and Turkey Products is a Pennsylvania institution. What started as a single butcher shop in 1945 has grown to a thriving business with hundreds of employees and happy customers all across the country. The family-owned company is proud of the fact that their facilities are located on the original farm site of the Godshall family. Because of this, they weren’t looking for a new build, but for help in renovating their existing facility in Lebanon, Pennsylvania. With retrofit experience, industry knowledge and innovative solutions, Tippmann Engineering was the perfect fit for this unique project.

The Project

Godshall needed to renovate their existing facility by adding a new processing area. They also needed to update the mechanical system in order to add capacity to the entire facility. Tippmann Engineering was the perfect choice for this type of project, because the client didn’t know everything they needed, they just knew the end result they had in mind. How to get it done was up to us to figure out.

Challenges and Opportunities

The site was the biggest challenge with this project. The facility, while very clean with modern equipment, was very old. It is also built into a hillside, which made getting construction equipment in and out difficult. Because we were only working in the processing area, which was relatively small, the rest of the facility remained fully operational throughout the project. This added another layer of difficulty. The final challenge was the outdated water and mechanical systems. However, this ended up being a great opportunity for Tippmann Engineering to really make an impact.

The Solution

At Tippmann Engineering, we’re experts at finding unique and innovative solutions to difficult problems. This was proven at Godshall’s. The outdated mechanical system was causing problems throughout the facility, including the water treatment system. Tippmann created a centralized mechanical area with renovated water treatment and remote monitoring systems. The new centralized system is the “heart” of the whole plant and impacts the entire facility, making processing and other areas easier to control and more efficient. Tippmann Engineering was involved in the overall design of the project from start to finish, lending our unique experience and expertise to provide Godshall’s with a progressive, state-of-the-art facility.

The Final Verdict

After a long project with many twists and turns, the end result was beyond Godshall’s expectations. By creating a sophisticated, centralized control center, Tippmann Engineering not only met the company’s current needs, but created a platform that will serve Godshall’s well into the future. What’s more, we built a strong relationship based on trust and cooperation that will also continue for years to come.