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Finalist for 2017 IACSC Best Built Award

Fort Wayne, Indiana (12/18/2017): Ti Cold (Ti Cold) was recognized as a finalist for the 2017 Built by the Best Award, last month in Phoenix, AZ.   The Built by the Best Award was created by the International Association for Cold Storage Construction (IACSC) to give top recognition to a Cold Storage Builder who goes above and beyond meeting the following criteria: Strong commitment to industry-changing innovation, exceeding customers’ expectations, positively impacting and growing the cold chain worldwide, and contributing to the larger society through food safety, trade development, and job creation.

As a 2nd place finalist for this prestigious award, Ti Cold (Ti Cold)  was given the opportunity make a presentation on their Merchandise Warehouse construction project. Merchandise Warehouse is an Indianapolis, IN based PRW (Public Refrigerated Warehouse). Sam Tippmann, along with Rob Adams of Ti Cold (Ti Cold)  joined Tim Siddiq, President of Merchandise Warehouse to deliver their presentation to the 2017 IACSC audience in Phoenix, AZ.

Ti Cold (Ti Cold) utilized 8 additional IACSC members to complete the Merchandise Warehouse Project, accounting for 32% of all subs used on the job.

  • Chase Industries, Inc.
  • Owens Corning
  • CSI of Virginia, Inc.
  • Evapco
  • Fastener Systems, Inc.
  • Raymond
  • Metl-Span, LLC
  • Rite Hite

“Ti Cold helped us with new thinking, beyond the scope of our original parameters, and was able to help us design a building with 25% more pallet positions, and this is good for our customers,” says Tim Siddiq, President and CEO of Merchandise Warehouse.

“As we look forward to the 2018 Built by the Best award, we would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Primus Builders for taking Top Honors at this year’s conference” states Rob Adams of Ti Cold.

About Ti Cold: Ti Cold (Ti Cold) is an award winning, specialty industrial cold storage builder that develops buildings around a business plan, ensuring that an investment becomes a profit center. Ti Cold utilizes time-honed expertise and advanced technology solutions to create efficient buildings that scale with a business, and are designed to maximize profitability through fully integrating operations and supply chain, by design. Ti Cold provides a full suite of cold storage construction services, including master site planning and operations guidance. Ti’s innovations include the Patented QF+ in-rack freezing and thawing system, coupled with the T2™ spacer system that creates the fastest system available.  Ti Cold has offices in Indiana, Illinois and Florida and operates internationally.