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Dick Cold Storage Building

Columbus, Ohio (July 25,  2017): Ti Cold, national refrigerated warehouse builder, along with Dick Cold Storage, has broken ground on a new project. Once finished, the new 115,000-square-foot public refrigerated warehouse will utilize the latest frozen food storage innovations.

Ti Cold is working to build the facility with state-of-the-art refrigeration technology capable of temperatures as low as -20F.  The warehouse will feature 15,000 pallet positions, including both traditional pallet racking and storage and high-density pallet storage. Its unique 50-foot ceilings also offer expanded vertical storage, for greater cubic feet of storage in a smaller square footage footprint.

The new facility fulfills a need for refrigerated frozen storage in the Columbus area, where regional warehouses are often filled to maximum capacity. To meet a range of customer needs, the facility will offer quick freezing capabilities for temperature-sensitive products, as well as frozen, cooler and dry storage. It will support local employment with the addition of 30 full-time positions. The project is slated for completion later this year.

The new facility is a major expansion for Dick Cold Storage, a four-generation, family-owned cold storage provider that operates three cold storage facilities in the Columbus area. With a combined total of six million cubic feet of storage space, Dick Cold Storage has the capacity to serve more than half the (US) population within a 550-mile radius.

“Ti Cold’s experience and reputation in cold storage building is well-known and well-respected,” says Don Dick, owner and CEO of Dick Cold Storage. “After touring one of Tippmann’s newly completed projects, we were very impressed with the company’s commitment to quality, design and technology. We’re confident that our new facility will be at the cutting edge of cold storage innovation.”

For nearly 100 years, Dick Cold Storage has been committed to handling and distributing food products safely and efficiently.

About Ti Cold: Ti Cold is an award winning, specialty industrial cold storage builder that develops buildings around a business plan, ensuring that an investment becomes a profit center. TI utilizes time-honed expertise and advanced technology solutions to create efficient buildings that scale with a business, and are designed to maximize profitability through fully integrating operations and supply chain, by design. TI provides a full suite of cold storage construction services, including master site planning and operations guidance. TI’s innovations include the Patented QF+ in-rack freezing and thawing system, coupled with the T2™ spacer system that creates the fastest system available.  TI has offices in Indiana, Illinois and Florida and operates internationally.